Fun Facts About the Skin and Health Benefits of the Dead Sea

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Pureman walks you through some history, minerals and fun facts about the skin and health benefits of the Dead Sea.

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Ever wonder what has brought so many visitors to the Dead Sea for thousands of years? Yup. I said thousands. It was one of the world’s first health resorts for Herod The Great! (wikipedia) Over millions of years the extremely hot, dry climate along with the high levels of evaporation the salt concentration became greater and greater. The Dead Sea is an official ‘wonder of the world’ and is a landlocked salt lake situated between Israel and Jordan. It also has the lowest elevation and is the lowest body of water on earth. ( One of the world’s saltiest bodies of water, the extremely high levels of saline (we’re talking around 33%) create a buoyancy effect - it will make you float on the water’s surface. Fish and other marine creatures and plant life are unable to survive in the lake (hence the name Dead Sea); to compare salt content, the ocean is only about 3% salt...Curious to know more? Read on for some more history and fun facts about the skin and health benefits of the Dead Sea. 

The history of the Dead Sea is long, going back thousands of years. The brilliant philosopher Aristotle wrote about the Dead Sea. The Egyptians were very familiar with its properties, using the naturally surfacing  asphalt to assist with the embalming of mummies. The sea was also a trade route for ships that were carrying cargo of salt, asphalt and produce. The famous Dead Sea Scrolls were found in the Qumran caves that overlooked the body of water, ancient texts that included fragments from the Old Testament, thoughts on social beliefs, Community Rule and other religious writings. Not only was it a sort of ‘health resort’ for King Herod the Great, he built (multiple times over) a number of fortresses and palaces on the Western Bank of the Dead Sea; Believe it or not, there is a hotel in Israel today on the Israeli banks called Herod’s Dead Sea Hotel, a stunner of a place where you’ll be pampered head to toe. So back to the goodies in the sea - it’s clear that many cultures, many leaders and many lifetimes of people have experienced and appreciated everything that the Dead Sea has had to offer. So it’s no wonder so many have taken the opportunity to benefit from the healing waters for the health and beauty benefits they offer.

The Dead Sea, though not home to many creatures, is home to a number of potent minerals and salts, with 12 of these minerals not found in any other ocean or sea. Some of these minerals have awesome healing benefits for your skin and health. When used safely and correctly, the salts and mud from the Dead Sea can offer huge benefits to the skin and to your health. They can improve the appearance of your skin, minimizing pores, fine lines and wrinkles and increasing elasticity. Minerals found within it promote blood circulation and help relax nerves, stressed muscles and joints while the mud from the Dead Sea acts as an excellent natural exfoliant as it works to restore your skin’s pH balance, treat eczema and psoriasis. Why don’t we have a cheeky look at a few of the 21 minerals found in this amazing natural wonder:

Calcium: Soothes and relieves skin while helping to regulate dead skin cells and new skin regeneration. According to the National Cancer Research Institute, calcium in the skin may even help prevent skin cancer.

Magnesium: This wonder mineral cleanses the skin, accelerates the metabolism, hydrates your skin and supports better skin elasticity. It also helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, acne and soothe sore muscles as well as stress. 

Potassium: This goodie is an electrolyte that helps regulate water levels in your body’s cells to keep you healthy and properly hydrated - it also plays a big role in cell regeneration.

Zinc: Helps to control oil production in your skin as well as the good old hormones that can cause acne. Zinc also helps to boost your immune system and may act as an antioxidant to help decrease inflammation, heal wounds and repair damaged tissue.Talk about a power mineral, mates!

Boron: If you want to work toward increasing brain function and cognitive performance as well as fight inflammation, this one’s for you.

Chloride: Works to balance minerals and cells with the correct amount of alkaline and acid in your body. Good times!

So next time you hear about the Dead Sea, jump in with some fun facts. Or try a little Dead Sea Mud Mask. Hope you enjoyed the history lesson...


Photo Credit: Sammy Leigh Scholl

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