Celebrate Mother's Day in Brisbane

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Pureman talks Mother’s Day and shares events
and outings in Brisbane to help give your
Mum/wife the special day she deserves!

Mother’s Day rolls around only once a year. For all that our Mum’s do for us, for all that they've put up with over the years, one day doesn't seem to be enough to give her the thanks and acknowledgement she deserves. So how do you cram all of that love and appreciation into one day? Well, Pureman happens to have a lot of love to share, so here are a few Mother’s Day events and ideas you can use to surprise your Mum!

Zana Zen Pop Up Picnic creates personalized and beautifully designed picnics from gorgeous carpeted ‘picnic blankets’ to pillows, balloons and table decor. The perfect combination of style, fun and casual family time outdoors.

High Tea at the stunning Mt. Cotton Retreat is class meets comfort. With the gorgeous wooded and lake cabins and the tasteful boutique B&B as your surroundings, for $50 you can treat your Mum to delicious high tea with 5 sweet treats and 4 savouries alongside it.

If you want to celebrate Mum or wife with the kiddos or grandkids, Brisbane Kids has a terrific blog full of great ideas. From hikes, a day at the beach or in the city to a day of pampering and fun, Brisbane Kids will have you brimming with ideas.

Let’s not forget some great gifts for an extra treat. Pureman has scented Pigeon & Weasel diffusers and candles to help keep Mum relaxed and content at the end of her special day. If you’re a fan of these awesome products and one just isn’t enough, we’re doing an Instagram Mother’s Day Giveaway Contest for a chance to win a Pigeon & Weasel Vanilla Bean Bundle. Just follow us @Pureman, like our Mother’s Day contest post and comment your reply to our question in the caption.The contest closes on May 7th. Check it out now. For Mum.

Whatever your plans for Mother’s Day, be sure to give your Mum an extra squeeze and all the love she deserves.

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