Brand Spotlight: St. James of London

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The Days of Olde

The good ol’ days. Nostalgia. Timelessness. Today more than ever, there’s a resurgence of these themes in fashion, home décor, and practices. Our inspiration today lies in the tradition of St. James of London.

The Brand

Originally established in 1953 for a post-war era, this line prided itself on serving a new kind of gentleman: “he was sporty, international, dashing, and daring, yet extremely well-groomed at all times”. This line ceased until Todd Fisher acquired the brand in 2013, and in 2014, it re-launched for all of you modern, sporty, international, daring, well-groomed and TIMELESS men. Todd Fisher: thank you.

Pureman loves these products. Beautiful razors, handcrafted shave brushes, shave oils and gels, and colognes. Let’s keep talking about the wet shave here – that’s what the St. James man is all about. We know you want to try (if you haven’t already), and want to help you navigate the ins-and-outs of it, especially if you’ve struggled.

  1. Prepare: Wash your face and neck. Never forget the neck. Apply a light coat of pre-shave oil everywhere you will be shaving.
  2. Apply a shave cream with a shaving brush. Get that lather going by using a sideways/circular motion. (New brush? Might need a bit more product the first time. Also, don’t press too hard – you don’t want to break the bristles of your precious brush).
  3. Shave in the direction of your hair growth. Need a closer shave? Go again, at a 90-degree angle to your growth. Closer shave again? Go 90 degrees from the opposite direction. Please don’t go against the grain.
  4. Don’t press too hard! You’ve got a sharp razor. Let it do its work.
  5. Finish by massaging in a post-shave gel or oil.

Mandarin & Patchouli Pre-Shave Oil
Sandalwood & Bergamot Shave Cream Jar
Pure Shaving Brush - Ebony
Cheeky B’stard Safety Razor - Brushed Metal
Black Pepper & Persian Lime Post-Shave Gel

You bought nice things? Care for them!

You’ve invested in a razor, a brush, a drying stand for your brush, a shave cream, and a finishing gel or oil.  Now it’s time to make sure they last. The brush is probably the trickiest to care for, but not really. Let’s “how- to” the brush:

  • When using, immerse bristles in clean, warm water and shake off excess. Use your shaving cream as described above. Do your shaving thing. Then? Always rinse the brush in clean water after use (do not boil or soak).
  • Let it air dry on a stand.
  • Never clean the brush with disinfectants. Never use boiling water when rinsing the brush - lukewarm water is recommended.

Angled Chrome Brush Stand
Plastic Brush Stand - Ebony

The Timeless Gentleman

Taking the time to wet shave is a ritual. It’s classy. It’s what our grandpas did before the electronic shave came along. And we all loved grandpa’s style (you know you did – how many of you have done a side by side of “Here’s grandpa in 1955 and here’s me today”. #somanylikesoninsta #midcenturymodern

He’d be proud of you for taking it back to the days where a gentleman was a gentleman. And so are we. You’re the kind of guy who offers his seat to elders, aren’t you? And you let ladies enter and exit an elevator or door first, don’t you? Of course you do. You’re a Pureman.

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