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Introducing Pureman’s newest brand focus: Tooletries. Your morning rituals have never felt so good.

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Pureman is always on the lookout for the latest, most effective and highest quality grooming and skincare products and solutions. The latest find is no exception. Pureman focuses on its newest brand, Tooletries. Have you ever found your bathroom feeling cluttered or disorganized? Toothpaste on the basin, razor rusting on an old shower rack, shampoo sitting on the shower floor? Believe us, we’ve been there. But we’re here to tell you there is a much more pleasurable way to start your day. Tooletries has created a high quality, powerfully crafted and edgy product line for your grooming storage needs. Of course, it took a growing following in America to really launch Tooletries here (silly Aussies), but we can finally say it has arrived, we love it and it’s the only brand dedicated to men’s grooming storage solutions.

As aforementioned, Tooletries makes its mark with storage solutions for men’s grooming products. An Australian company out of Queensland, co-founded by brothers Josh and Saul Cockburn, Tooletries led to the duo to an Australian Small Business Exporter of the Year Award in 2017. Josh and Saul were unhappy in their jobs and wanted the challenge and adventure of running a business together. It took them only 2 short years from their 2015 Kickstarter launch to make their big splash, speaking volumes about not only their products but their business prowess and professionalism as well. The success of their business even landed them a spot on the Sunrise TV Show where they advertised their high selling, almost cult-like product, the Stick-On-Beer-Holder. Who knew so many blokes drank beer in the shower? More likely, they didn’t admit it... until now.

The Tooletries team see the bathroom as a man’s sanctuary. It is a place for ritual and calm and the place where you begin and end your day. A disorganized sanctuary messes with your morning mojo, and this brand has created amazing products to help your daily rituals remain focused, organized and as serene as possible. Using their patented, silicone grip technology their products stay in place and are as functional as they are stylish - extremely.  From the source, “our products are made from the highest quality materials and combine innovative design with performance functionality”. Their combination of both ‘tools’ and ‘toiletries’ has created an innovative, clever and niche product that men love to use and their partners love to buy. Their list of products continues to grow, from their toothbrush and razor older to their toiletry kit. Tooletries truly does have your organizational bathroom essentials covered. Fortunately, thanks to a relationship with the awesome Aussie company, Pureman has a collection of some of their must-have products to share, too!

Pureman | Tooletries | Blog
The Harvey, Toothbrush and Razor Holder:
Consider The Harvey the evolution of the traditional shower shelf. Using Tooletries patented silicone grip technology, the holder sticks to mirrors, glass, marble, tiles, fibreglass and metal. Organize your toothbrush and razor, save space and make grooming easy.

Pureman | Tooletries | Shower Mirror
The Oliver, Shower Mirror:
This handsome, shatterproof, polycarbonate mirror is durable, instantly sticks once again, with Tooletries patented silicone grip technology. Stick it to mirrors, glass, marble, tiles, fiberglass and metal. Make shaving easier.

Tooletries | Pureman | Brush and Razor Rack
The Maverick, Razor and Brush Rack:
We think this is the perfect way to store and dry your brush and safety razor. Removable and reusable, this rack sticks to mirrors, glass, marble, tiles, fiberglass and metal...Tooletries products pretty much guarantee their patented silicone grip technology and ability to stick, over and over again, on multiple bathroom surfaces.

Tooletries | Pureman | Shower Hook
The Arnold, Hook Tile:
Specially developed to create an instant hook in your shower, bathroom, kitchen or laundry space. Reusable and rust proof, and, guess what? Yup. Sticks to all sorts of surfaces using it’s silicone grip technology.

Pureman | Tooletries | Grooming Bag
Pureman’s collection of Tooletries products has just started to grow, though we look forward to collecting many more as we go along. Other products on offer through
Tooletries are their toiletry bags and gift bundles and sets to name a few.  All of their products are removable, reusable, designed to sit together and easy to clean - which we fully admit is always a big bonus. The products are also perfect for both in the shower use or to hang out on your mirror above your bathroom sink. Your grooming ritual will never be the same again...

With so many men giving their time and attention to grooming and skincare, Tooletries really has created an innovative company for bathroom storage solutions. Take your time as you begin and end your day, find a moment of calm and rejuvenation in your ritual by staying organized and on top of every aspect of your grooming.

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