The Best Winter Destinations to Escape to in Australia

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Pureman tosses aside the winter woollies and breaks out the swimmers to bring you the best winter destinations to escape to in Australia
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No matter what hemisphere you call home, if you’re living in a place where winters can bring cold, rain and snow, sometimes for far too many days concurrently, you get tired of it. You find yourself sitting in a chilly office at work browsing last minute ‘sun’ destinations...or is that just me? I’m going to assume I’m not alone in this and share with you some of the best winter destinations I found that you can escape to in Australia during those long, cold winter days and nights.

Broome, WA

Broome is a ridiculously remote and equally ridiculously stunning winter destination that many an Aussie has found their way to during the cold months of winter. The sparkling, aqua waters of the Indian Ocean beacon you. If you prefer the bustle of luxury resorts, you can certainly find many along Cable Beach, but for those of you who enjoy learning about the history and culture of a vacation destination, Broome holds some colourful, and sometimes dark, stories from the early days. Broome is a highlight on our list for being an amazing destination that, though remote, truly holds a holiday experience for everyone  For those who don’t live in the West, Broome also gives you the opportunity to see the sun set over the ocean. Oh, and you can ride a camel.

Coffs Harbour, NSW

Yet another winter destination escape is Coffs Harbour in New South Wales. A gorgeous seaside city, Coffs Harbor offers beautiful beaches, nightlife and the opportunity to explore the rainforest on the Coramba Nature walk. If markets are more your scene, there is a lovely Sunday Harbourside Market where you can take in the local wares and meet the people that call Coffs Harbour home. If you really love to get your tourist on, go visit the famous Big Banana at the Big Banana Fun Park! I mean, is a holiday really complete without a trip to the fun park?

Byron Bay, NSW

Once upon a time Byron Bay was a quaint beach town where surfers would travel through to catch good waves, eat fresh oysters and have good beer. But over the past fifteen years or so it has become quite the winter destination to escape to for holiday travel and tourism in Australia! Perhaps the fact that Chris Hemsworth calls Byron Bay home has something to do with it? Travellers would relish the opportunity to rub shoulders with Thor. But famous God of Thunder aside, Byron is stunning, picturesque and really does seem to march to the beat of its own drum. It has a vibrant hippie--esque feel and the cafes and bars lend to that awesome yet slightly alternative beach town vibe.

Surfers Paradise, Queensland

I’d have to say that one of the most popular winter destinations to escape to here in Australia would be Queensland’s famous Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast. Whether you’re a solo traveller, looking for a romantic getaway, heading away with mates or in need of a family vacation, this spot has a bit of something for everyone. Of course, Surfers Paradise Beach is the perfect spot to surf, sun and play in the sand. But if you want a little time to explore, the beachside markets offer local goodies as well as live music and entertainment all with an ocean view! If you’re tired of walking, settle in at one of the cafes that you’ll find nestled within the market. Keen to try surfing for the first time? This is the place! Surfers Paradise has a number of terrific surf schools to choose from for beginners who want to experience one of the original Australian surfers destinations.

Kakadu, NT

If beaches, resorts and the typical tourist travel experience is not your cup of tea, perhaps the winter destination meant for you is an escape to Kakadu National Park way up in the Northern Territory. Kakadu, for many, is considered a spiritual travel destination. Surrounded by nature and incredible cultural history, more than half the park is made up of Abolriginal land. In fact, Aboriginal people have owned and resided on this land for more than 65,000 years; they are the oldest living culture on earth. Take time to truly experience your surroundings, the history, the beauty and the culture from which this land grew. You can explore rock art that is thousands of years old, see some ‘salties’, the mammoth crocodiles that traverse the salt waters of Kakadu, and see the stunning Jim Jim Falls. Take in truly awesome experiences that speak to you on a whole other level. Lastly, don’t forget to take a moment to pause and express your appreciation for the land and its people.

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