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A list of just what you need in your beard grooming kit to keep your beard healthy, feeling soft and looking good!

One may think that to grow a beard is to allow yourself to be lazy, to allow yourself an opportunity to slack off and not be concerned with grooming or upkeep of your face, skin and hair. Sorry to tell you, mates, that quite the opposite is true! In order to keep your facial hair healthy and pleasing both to your skin and to the eye, we have some tips, tricks and essentials you must keep in your beard grooming arsenal.

Proraso Beard Wash, Wood and Spice: A gentle cleanser for both your beard and your skin. Soften and clean your beard while leaving your face with a soft wood and spice scent. Also available in other scents if wood and spice aren’t your scene.

Facial Hair Scissors: The perfect scissors for trimming your beard, moustache and even brow, ear and nose hair. Sharp and rounded, these nick free beauties are nickel-plated for long lasting sharpness and strength.

Sartorial Beard Kit: Keep a comb handy and your skin and beard feeling fresh and moisturised. The sunflower, wheat germ and grapeseed oil helps to soften both your skin and your hair to keep you from any itching and irritation. A comb is included to keep your facial hair in check when you’re out on the town.

Proraso Hot Oil Treatment: If your beard is wiry and putting up a fight, this hot oil treatment will help deeply soften and moisturise that scruff while preventing breakage and split ends, keeping it healthy and easier to brush.

Jao Beard Scent Balm, Black: Tame fly-aways with this woodsy, earthy, mystically scented balm. Soften hair follicles and moisturise your skin. Easy to travel with for trips away or nights out.

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