Get Into An Anti-aging Skincare Routine That Helps to Keep You Bright, Healthy And Protected From The Sun’s Damaging UV Rays

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Pureman takes a look at the damaging effects of the sun and encourages you to get into an anti-aging skincare routine that helps to keep you bright, healthy and protected from the sun’s damaging UV rays. 
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It’s that time of year again. We all look forward to the summer months that allow us to hit the beach, explore patios and get a bit more of a golden tone on your pasty winter skin. But while you’re basking in all of the joys of summer, your skin may be paying the price. What about the dryness? The heat? The sun beating down on your face? Not to mention the sweating. So before you run out into the sun, think about giving your skin the TLC it deserves. Get into an anti-aging skincare routine that helps to keep you bright, healthy and protected from the sun’s damaging UV rays. 

We all know that sun exposure can lead to skin cancer. That’s the biggest reason to stay protected. But did you also know that said exposure may cause up to 90% of the visible changes in your skin. Yeah. Let’s read that again. Sun exposure may cause up to 90% of the visible changes in your skin. So there are some major reasons why using the right skincare and sun care products will benefit you. 

In Australia, it’s recommended that we use a 50+ SPF on our faces pretty much everyday. Simply making it a part of your daily skincare routine can make it easier to remember to slap on that handsome mug - it essentially becomes ‘that thing you do’ that you don’t have to overthink, because it’s become such a part of your normal routine. SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. Theoretically, if you have a 50+ sunscreen, you have 50 times longer the amount of time it would usually take for your skin to redden. Buuuut this is if you use the product exactly as directed. And reapply exactly when you’re meant to. If you’re sweating away on a hike or are swimming for long periods of time, realistically you’ll have to reapply sooner. As much of a pain as this can be, the whole sun protection thing is pretty darn important. Sunscreen decreases your risk of skin pre-cancers and cancers and helps prevent prematurely aging skin caused by sun damage, helping to prevent wrinkles, sagging and age spots. We think sun screen is kind of the best. And if you find the right one, it doesn’t have to feel greasy and gross. 

There are a plethora of sun screens out there, but we recently got ahold of the Hunter Lab SPF 50+ Facial Sunscreen and now there’s no turning back. It’s lightweight, it doesn’t feel greasy and contains zinc for excellent UVA/UVB broad spectrum protection. It’s water resistant for up to two hours and gives your skin that extra bit of attention with Aloe and Vitamin E to help soothe and nourish to keep it calm and better hydrated. 

Using a product like this on the daily can be your number one form of protection from both the sun and early signs of aging. But if you want to continue your anti-aging routine through the night, there are a few other products Hunter Lab offers to keep your skin in tip top condition.

Hunter Lab Peptide Anti-Ageing Elixir: This little miracle in a bottle is a natural, lightweight, heavy-duty nourishing serum. It’s made with avocado, macadamia and passionfruit seed oils to nourish and moisturise and caffeine to hydrate. These ingredients work to help reduce those dreadful signs of premature aging and help restore your sun-damaged skin by leaving it smoother, clearer and better hydrated. Use it in the evening for maximum benefits while your skin is in its natural repair mode overnight.

Hunter Lab Charcoal Mud Mask: Take 10 minutes out of your day two or three times a week and spend it with this mud mask. Hunter Lab Charcoal Mud Mask is a natural, effective treatment mask that is made with charcoal, bentonite and kaoline clay. Bentonite works to fight acne and inflammation, helping to calm your skin, kaoline cleanses and exfoliates and charcoal draws out impurities to deeply cleanse. Vitamins A, E and Aloe Vera help hydrate, nourish and soothe your skin. This mask rocks.

Hunter Lab Lip Ammo: Cracked lips don’t give you that youthful feeling. And they don’t look very suave, either. This all natural lip balm is made with Shea Butter and a combination of Avocado, Sweet Almond, Macadamia, Castor Seed, Seabuckthorn, Jojoba Seed and Maracuja essential oils to keep your lips feeling hydrated, soft and conditioned. Use it day and night and wake up with perfect lips. Who doesn’t want that?

So before you head out and catch up with your mates in the great outdoors, brush up on that anti-aging skincare routine and keep your skin protected.

Photo Credit: @hunter.lab

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