About Your Body: Part 2

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Pureman offers 5 men’s style tips
that all men should know.
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Let’s face it, when you look good, you feel good. There are men who pretend to not give a toss about what they wear, but a man dressed well (note that this doesn’t mean fancy, just put together) can turn heads. Here are five fashion tips all men should know.

1 |  How to buy jeans. There is a science to finding the best jeans for your body. Baggy jeans are out and never did anything for a man. Saggy bottoms are unfashionable and jeans so tight they’d make your Nan blush are just uncalled for. Just because they cost more doesn’t mean they are better and if you buy jeans with rhinestones or metal studs on them your fashion issues run far deeper than our blog posts can help you with...The perfect pair can be both dressed up and dressed down. Depending on your body size, the rise of your jeans and the size of your jeans will differ. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance at the shop to be sure you’re finding the best fit for you.

2 |  How to iron a shirt and pants. Don’t be the guy in the wrinkled suit. Just don’t. And depending on the dry cleaner down the road won’t cut it - you could find yourself in need of that perfectly creased suit last minute, then what would you do? As the Scouts say, “Be Prepared”.

3 |  How to tie a tie. There is the simple knot or the full windsor. Youtube has videos. Watch them. Don’t be the guy who’s tie is askew, or even worse, the guy who shows up to a formal event without one. Tie right.

4 |  Choose the right colours. There are colours that compliment each other and colours that should be avoided for a particular skin tone. For example, olive skin and forest green look atrocious together. It will make you look pale and yellow. Browns and earthier tones, however, tend to compliment an olive or warmer skin tone. Colours that compliment each other can be found simply (and it’s kind of entertaining) on a colour wheel. Check out this awesome article from Real Men Real Style to get your colour matching down to a wheel science...

5 |  Own one good watch. A staple in a man’s wardrobe will always be an analog watch. There are plenty to choose from at different price points in different styles. Find one that suits you. Check out this classic DeMontbrayPilton.

Feel confident in your style.

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