About Your Body: Part 1

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In this three parter, Pureman takes a
look at how to look and feel healthy.
(Read Time: 2 Minutes)

Your face may by the thing that stands out the most, the beacon that everyone first notices before you introduce yourself. But feeling healthy, strong and overall pleased with your body is just as important. Your body carries you through the day and helps exude - or hide - confidence. We’re not saying you ought to be carved like Chris Hemsworth. Let’s be realistic. Some of us are overweight. Some may be underweight. Some may not like the excess amount of chest hair they’re rocking. In any case, we have to ability to feel great about what we have, change what we don’t like or learn to embrace our imperfection. No matter how you slice it, our bodies need lovin’. Keep your eye out for the second part of this post, all about nutrition.


Exercise keeps your body fit and toned, but it also helps to keep your physical and mental health at the top of it’s game. Consistent exercise can reduce the risk of heart disease, it helps battle anxiety and depression, helps maintain bone density, reduces the risk of stroke and makes you feel good as it releases endorphins, our body’s happy neurotransmitters.

Washing and Grooming

A well cleansed and well moisturised body can help keep your skin looking younger and feeling great.

Brickell’s Mint Soap Scrub Bar: Filled with natural ingredients, this awesome soap bar has an energizing mint and eucalyptus scent to give you a kick in the morning. Ground peppermint leaves gently exfoliate while shea butter, coconut and palm oils hydrate the body.

Anthony Logistics Sea Salt Body Scrub: Sea salt works to remove toxins from the pores and this gently abrasive scrub sloughs off dead skin cells helps to get rid of ingrown hairs and blemishes, giving your skin a smoother, brighter appearance.

Penhaligon’s Endymion Deodorant Stick: Non sticky and won’t stain your clothes, this freshly scented deodorant is also aluminum free.

Marvis Aquatic Mint Toothpaste: This fluoride enriched toothpaste is minty fresh and made in Italy. Gives you great breath to keep the chatter close and personal.

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