A Mo for Movember

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We know you’ve all heard of Movember. You’ve seen memes, you’ve seen t-shirts and you’ve seen all of the Instagram posts you could possibly take, with all kinds of men with moustaches of all shapes and sizes. Fu Manchu. Chevron. English. Pencil. Maybe you’ve even taken a bet and grown out a good old handlebar yourself. Movember has become a bit of a global phenomenon. But do you know why?


The Movember Foundation has created an ingenious movement and charity all in one to help beat testicular cancer and prostate cancer, as well as help shed light on mental health issues and suicide prevention. It’s the only global charity that is solely focused on men’s health and it has raised $850 million Australian dollars since its inception in 2003. For the past few years, moustaches have been a trend, a statement, a laugh and most importantly, a means to fund more than 1,000 men’s health projects around the world. These projects fund scientific studies, support and advocacy programs, and they bring understanding and knowledge to men surrounding these issues. To think it all started with two mates in a Melbourne pub who decided to try and make the Mo trendy again.


You may think, well, moustaches aren’t for me, they make me look like a dirty old bloke, or, I can only grow a teen ‘stache. Or perhaps you’re a lady reading this article. Worry not, friends, there are more ways than growing your own Mo to represent and raise money for the cause. You can walk, run, cycle or you could throw your own Mo-tastic event!


Movember is right around the corner, so pull together some mates and find your own way to make a difference in a man’s life - and have a grand old time doing it.

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