8 Home Essentials for Men

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From bar cabinet contents and comfort to bathrooms and bedding, Pureman walks you through 8 home essentials for men

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Every man has a different idea of what makes a home. Of course, a home should be your sanctuary. It should mean comfort, familiarity and relaxation. But that doesn’t mean it can’t also have a bit of style and taste. We spoke to some men and women to get an idea of what makes a man’s home both liveable and enjoyable and found a few agreed upon items we’d consider 8 home essentials for men. You know, those things that make a mate say, “hey, great digs” and a lady smile and raise an eyebrow…

1. A Great Sofa

Nothing says approachable yet masculine like a really great sofa. We’re talking comfortable cushions perfect for a night of Netflix binging but clean and sharp enough looking that a special visitor can cosy up with a glass of wine and feel like they’re enjoying a night in a trendy lounge. Of course, we’re not saying you need to spend boatloads of money. You can find great deals on sites like Home Furniture On Consignment. Find a sofa that can be a great centerpiece to your home, a sofa that when seen creates a feeling of warmth, comfort and style. It needs to be equally approachable by both your mates and any special guest you may be trying to impress. Sound too good to be true? It’s not! Just take your time to shop around and test out a few cozy cushions. The right one will speak to you. Really.

2. A Clean Bathroom

Nobody can walk into a dirty bathroom and remain impressed, no matter how amazing the rest of the house looks and feels. A bathroom is meant to be a clean, fresh moment of sanctuary. Where you go to cleanse, take a breath and regroup. It has to be clean. The towels should be plush. And a simple scented candle or reed diffuser can be a lovely touch.

3. Matching Dishware and Kitchen Tools

The last thing you want to discover after you’ve invited some mates over for an intimate dinner party is that your knives and forks don’t match. And you better hope you have enough plates and bowls that look neat and cohesive. Oh, not to mention sharp knives and great pots and pans for cooking. You don’t want to look like a teenager trying to pull together a party at his dorm. Be classy.

4. Quality Bedding

No matter what your mum buys you when you move out of the house (hello, 152 thread count Ikea sheets), when you’re creating your own home for a real man, you need your bedding to be quality. Thread count matters. Wondering what the minimum thread count you can reasonably go for might be? We’d suggest not buying under 400. You’ll sleep better and, to be candid, any overnight guest you may welcome into your home will enjoy them - and your company in them - much more. Sleep or no sleep. Word to the wise, always wash new bed sheets before ‘installing’ them. Nobody likes to wake up with a rash. That could be a morning-after deal breaker. Um, it goes without saying that this also means you need to have a good mattress, right?

5. A Good Bar

If you enjoy entertaining, especially if you’re open to impromptu visitors, we’d recommend having a few go-to options in your bar cabinet at all times. Think quality over quantity and select a couple of solid liquor options. A nice whisky, a good vodka, vermouths, aperol...and don’t forget the bitters.  At the very least, always have at least 2 cold beers in the fridge and a bottle of bubbly. Just in case. 

6. Books on Shelves

A grown man should have books on shelves. We get that gaming can be fun and we enjoy our share of Uncharted nights. Game on, my friend. But if you’re ready to be a real, grown up man be sure to have some books on shelves, too. An air of sophistication and interest in the simple, finer things is appealing.

7. Get Personal

It’s your home! Stylish as you make it, you don’t want it to look like you’ve walked into a museum or a photoshoot for Architectural Digest. Find some clean, trendy frames and put out those pictures of family and friends. We love to have a bit of insight into your personal life. It makes you approachable and real as well as style-forward.

8. The Right Lighting

Finding the right lighting for your home is key to creating a cozy, warm and welcoming atmosphere after those long days at work and lazy weekends in. Look for fixtures that allow for ambient lighting, creating expanse in the home minus the glare. You can try out different fixture styles (open bulb 1920s style, a funky chandelier, dimmable lights for an easy romantic lighting transformation) to see what works best for you.

We get that everyone’s tastes vary. But this list of 8 home essentials is easily achievable in your own home and can be adjusted to suit your own styles and tastes. Now go make that house a man-home.

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