7 Tips to Survive the Daily Grind

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We know how tough it can be to get through the work week. So we’re here to give you 7 tips to survive the daily grind.
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It’s that time again. You’ve had a fantastic weekend. Time for dinner and drinks with mates one night, Netflix and a cozy night in the other. Weekends are glorious. We all know that. As much as we’d like them to drag on forever and we could all take an early retirement, the reality is we’ve got to work hard to play hard. Or at least just work to enjoy our down time to its fullest! But sadly, the weekends rush away far too quickly and we’re faced with the nasty reality that we’re waking up to the Monday morning alarm clock. But let us tell you it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. We’re here to help you through the work week with our 7 tips to survive the daily grind.

A little social goes a long way

We know that during your work hours you need to be, well, working. But staring at computer screens all day can zap your energy and your nerves. Finding a colleague or two that you can share a laugh and a quick cup of coffee with can help get you through the day. Human beings need to be social and all work and no play know how it goes. So don’t forget to take a moment or two to pause and regroup before you dive back into work!

Speaking of social…

Make time for good times outside of the office! Whether it’s a date night with your partner, a few pints at the pub with your mate or a quiet night in binge watching your favourite series, make it a priority to have some fun. Taking your mind off of work will help keep you sane, even during the busiest of times. It’ll also give you a fresh perspective to bring to work; feeling those happy feelings can make your work day more productive.

Get some air

It isn’t a secret that exercise can affect your mood. Something as simple as a ten or fifteen minute walk to clear your head, get your body in motion and your face in the sunlight instead of soaking up that blue screen can make a big difference in helping you get through your work day and in turn, your work week. So when the clock chimes lunchtime, make sure you save a moment to go for a stroll. You’ll be glad you did.


7 to 8 hours, mates. If you can catch your z’s in this perfect little window you’re bound to have a better day at work. It will make you more productive, more creative and increase your ability to focus as well as manage any stressors that may come your way during the day. Check out this handy article from Healthline to get a clearer picture of how sleep can keep you happier and healthier.

Take a work from home day

Did you know that Global Work From Home Day is a thing? This year a day was created by Remote-How to take a breather and allow yourself a day to work from home. Maybe in your boxers. You know, do some work, have a cuppa, do some work, have another cuppa. Have a more stress free day at work minus the rush hour traffic and angry public transit commuters. So we say do this day. And maybe throw in a handful more throughout your year. It’ll do you some good.

Eat Properly

When you’re working long days and you find yourself exhausted by the time you get home, the last thing you probably want to do is make yourself a decent dinner. But leaning on fast food and quick options can put you on the fast track to feeling lethargic and in less than optimal form. Good food helps not just your body but your mind. Stay sharp. We’re not saying don’t treat yourself, but if you’re feeling tired and can’t find it in you to cook a square meal, order yourself something nice for takeaway. You know, with some veggies in it.

Keep Perspective

We know that there are some days, even some weeks where work is just the absolute worst. Stressful projects, frustrating bosses, impossible deadlines. In those moments when it all seems a bit too much, take a few breaths and remind yourself that the crazy will subside. And if you find yourself in a job that is all crazy all the time, give yourself time to decompress and rejuvenate. We’d also highly suggest not working 7 days a week. You only live once. You can’t go too hard for too long without burnout becoming a friend. Take care of yourself, mate. 

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