5 Steps for the Best Shave with Men-ü

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Pureman gives you the 5 steps for the best shave with Men-ü,
One of the amazing product lines we have on offer.
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There is nothing that is much more rewarding and more gratifying than the perfect shave. The perfect shave takes time, it takes a little bit of concentration, or, as we prefer to think about it, meditation. There are many steps that you can take to reach the end result, but Pureman feels strongly that we can offer you 5 steps for the best shave with Men-ü. Over at Men-ü, they know how to take care of your skin and your daily grooming routines. Their collection of pre shave, post shave and shave products is remarkable and we trust their experience. So read on to learn about the perfect shave and the steps to take to give yourself the most rewarding start to your day.

Step 1: Preparation

If you aren’t properly prepared, you may as well kiss your perfect shave goodbye. Preparation is key. Don’t fall into the trap of rushing your shave. Take your time. We’d recommend softening your skin with a warm or hot shower. Shaving immediately after a shower can help prepare your skin better than just diving right into the shave creams or gels cold. Warm water, dampening your face, softening your stubble and opening up your pores will allow for a smoother, closer shave.

Step 2: Pre Shave and Lather Up

Here, you have the option to use a pre shave product such as Anthony Pre Shave Oil, a blend of lightweight essential oils that smooth and lubricate your skin to prepare it for a shave. The other option is to grab a quality shave brush like the Men-ü Barbiere Pure Bristle Shaving Brush sans pre shave oil. Now, shaving brushes aren’t always necessary. That being said, a quality brush can add the right amount of resistance while you blend a shave cream onto your face, and raise the stubble in such a way to allow for a closer shave. Speaking of shave cream, check out Men-ü Shave Crème. The fancy accent shouldn’t fool you, it’s as fantastic as it sounds. With a high concentration of lubricants and moisturisers, this shave cream allows for the perfect slip and slide as you shave without drying out your skin. The formula also contains tea tree oil, a natural antiseptic and antibacterial that helps keep your skin from inflammation and irritation. Just use that awesome brush to apply your shave cream in a circular motion to create a rich lather and make sure your hair is upright to allow for that closer shave we’re so serious about.

Step 3: Use A Quality Blade

Before you begin, make sure your blade is clean and sharp. A dull blade will not leave you with a smooth shave and can in fact cause razor burn and skin irritation. A blade that is not clean can lead to infection. So make sure your equipment is quality! The Scimitar Razor DE is a luxurious, double edged safety razor that you can pamper yourself with every morning. Warm up the blade before you use it and enjoy the methodical shave…

Step 4: Go for the Shave

Pureman recommends shaving in the direction of your beard growth on the first pass. Gently pull your skin taught and follow the grain of your hair to avoid irritation. Start with your neck and move up to your face from there. Make sure the pressure is gentle yet firm and if you go for a second pass it is at this time that you can go against the grain. Remember though, the best results take your time.

Step 5: Tone and Moisturise

After you’ve shaved and your skin is feeling glorious, there are just a couple of other things we’d recommend to keep your skin looking and feeling perfect all day long. Use a toner such as Men-ü Matt Skin Refresh Gel. The salicylic acid, witch hazel and willow bark in the gel cleanses and cleans the pores of impurities and helps to tighten the skin for a brighter, healthier look. The ingredients also help to calm any redness and inflammation and combat ingrown hairs. After you’ve toned your skin, the last step is to hydrate and moisturise. Men-ü Facial Moisturiser Lift replaces lost moisture, helps to repair some of the damage caused by shaving and helps to calm the skin. It’s sort of an aftershave balm and moisturiser combined and the added mint and menthol helps to cool and refresh your newly shaved skin, conditioning it and leaving it feeling smooth and firm post shave.

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