3 Simple Ways to Rule Your Day

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Every one of us can attest to having bad days. As much as we want to admit that we all wake up looking perfectly chiseled and feeling completely relaxed and in control, that just isn’t the truth. But don’t go booking the overpriced man spa or consulting with celebrity personal trainers just yet. There are a number of easy, enjoyable ways to make yourself feel good and rule your day, and as a bonus, make you more attractive to others.


Laughter automatically puts you in a more relaxed and open frame of mind and is a powerful way to lubricate a social situation; it shows others an easy going, attractive side of yourself that they will want to get to know. Laughter also releases endorphins, the body’s natural feel good medicine. So go get your daily dose.


Taking a moment to pay someone a compliment - either a lady or a gent - is a great way to turn an uncomfortable or awkward moment into a positive one. Compliments are marks of awareness that create a more social, receptive atmosphere. Seeing the positive in others boosts morale and stimulates self-esteem. Making other people feel good about themselves will make you, in turn, feel good.


Exercise not only helps you look good, but it gets those endorphins pumping, your confidence jumping and makes you feel younger and more energized – it actually slows cell aging in your body! If you’re ready to push yourself, feel good and meet new people doing it, check out the Medibank Feel Good Program here in Brisbane and hit the lawn for free outdoor cardio, bootcamp classes, yoga and more.

There you have it, 3 simple ways to rule your day and feel good doing it. Just remember men, “You’re so money and you don’t even know it”.


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